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Engr Waqas Ahmad

Premier Trainer in Project Planning & Control

Expertise in Primavera P6 | 13 Years of Diverse Field Experience

Engr Waqas Ahmad is a distinguished figure in the field of project planning and control, specializing in the use of Primavera P6. With an impressive career spanning 13 years, he has become a cornerstone in the EPC construction industry, particularly in the challenging environments of onshore and offshore projects in the Gulf region.

Diverse Project Expertise: From EPC to Shutdown Management

Waqas's expertise is not limited to conventional project management. He has been instrumental in managing large-scale EPC constructions, adeptly handling shutdown management, and skillfully navigating the complexities of EoT delay claims management. His vast exposure to various facets of project management makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Global Reach as a Project Management Coach

Beyond his field experience, Engr Waqas Ahmad is a revered Project Management Coach. His teachings have reached over 2000 students across the globe, a testament to his ability to impart knowledge and skills effectively. His international teaching experience encompasses industry-based training, molding the next generation of project planning professionals.

Join Engr Waqas Ahmad in Mastering Project Planning and Control

Embark on a learning journey with Engr Waqas Ahmad and gain insights from a seasoned professional deeply embedded in the industry. Whether you are navigating the complexities of EPC projects or aiming to master Primavera P6, his guidance is an invaluable resource in your professional development.

Few Projects Examples

Building Construction Project

The "Building Construction Project" is a comprehensive and dynamic initiative focused on the creation of a new structure, emphasizing the intricate process of planning, designing, and executing construction activities. This ambitious undertaking involves a meticulous blend of architectural vision, engineering expertise, and project management skills to bring a concept to life.