Oil field Job Career For Engineers

Being an Engineer if you want to join Oil and Gas Field You need to understand oil and gas job careers with respect to Skills and work nature requirements.Here we can categorize Oil and gas job careersfor engineers into three Divisions




Up-stream :

  • The upstream Division of the oil and gas industry comprises all the steps involved from the earliest stage of exploration through the extraction of the reservoir.
  • Upstream Service Companies can be involved in all the steps of this phase of the life cycle of the oil and gas industry, or they may only be involved in part of the upstream division.
  • Upstream division of oil and gas job career is also known by another title in the Industry that is E&P division (Exploration and Production) as it is also asked in Job Interviews
  • The E&P segment is the Initial phase of the oil and gas production process. Organizations within this Service Role are primarily dedicated on tracing and extracting Hydrocarbons from the earth.


  • The exploration Phasecontains the search for Petroleum Products.
  • Land surveys are achieved to help detect the areas that are the most potential ones indicating existence of Petroleum Products.
  • The Aim is to locate specific reservesunderground in order to calculate the amount of oil and gas reserves prior drilling. Geologists ascertain rock formations and layers of sediment within the soil to detectif oil or natural gas is nearby in surveyed Area.
  • The process can contain seismology, which uses extensive vibrations as a result of machinery or explosives to create seismic waves.
  • How the seismic waves interact with a reservoir containing oil and gas helps to determine the reservoir’s location.
  • Once it has been finalized that there appear to be reserves beneath the ground, the test drilling process can begin.


  • Midstream is a term used to define one of the three major divisions of oil and gas industry Midstream Industry involves the processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of oil, natural gas, and Condensate.
  • Midstream companies targetthe storage and transportation of oil and natural gas through pipelines.
  • Midstream Organizations carry the reserves to companies involved in the final stage of production called downstream.


  • Companies in the downstream sector are those that offer the closest link to everyday users/End user. 
  • Downstream operations are the processes included in converting Crude oil and gas products into the usable refined products such as Kerosine Oil, Diesel, and petrol.

Job Career and Skills:

  • Being Fresh Graduate Engineer It is very common to search Job in Oil and Gas field but due to a lack of guidelines and proper instructions we miss the right opportunity.
  • Fresh Engineer can join Upstream Industry as this division of the Oil and gas sector hire Fresh graduates and train them as per their services and technology.
  • Most of the organizations hire Fresh graduates from Internship Programs and Online Job Applications

You must use Linkedin actively for the Oil and Gas field job hunt and connect with relevant field job professionals.

  • Moreover Being a Fresh engineer You need to upgrade universal Skills like Project Planning Control with software Applications like MS Project and Primavera 6.
  • Mid Career Level engineers must upgrade their existing Job skills to value job experience.Most Demanding Skills are Project Planning and Control using Primaveara 6

that’s required whenever you are going to construct a new Pipeline, Oil field development or Production Plant Project.

About Trainer

EngrWaqas Ahmed is Professional Seasoned Project Planning Control Trainer along with Construction Management Application on Primavera 6. He worked on Mega oil and gas project while serving in Saudi Arabia UAE Offshore and onshore Projects.

You can connect with him for Training for

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Maintenance Planning Control using Primavera 6

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Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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