how does planning engineer  calculate project task duration using man hours methodology

Being Planning Engineer it is very necessary To estimate Project Duration and this Concept understanding is going to help you in every career stage either to pass Job interviews or to calculate Construction Project Duration. Estimation of each Construction Task duration will help the Planning engineer to evaluate Project Scheduling quality. Construction Industry has devised a Man-hours methodology to facilitate Planning Engineers, Schedulers, and Project Managers to calculate Project realistic duration.

  • Which task will be executed in which time window of the Project Plan?
  • How much Duration will be required?
  • How many resources need to arrange for that task?
  • How to follow the Critical Path?

How to Calculate Project Task Durations?

Construction Activities Duration Estimation is Complete Process

STEPS TO Estimate Project DURATION

While defining the Project scope of work we start to break own of project details from top to down

Whereas estimating Project Duration is Down to Top Process

1. Estimate the productive hours per day:

consideration that how many working hours per day are actively counted excluding breaks and nonproductive time.

  • For Example If Your Working hours per day are 8 and it also includes Lunch Tea and prayer time then you must consider this nonproductive time and take 7 or 6.5 hours into the estimation.

2. Determine Working Crew:

Civil Engineering Scope Of Work

Task Brick Masonry

  • Crew
  • Foreman
  • Labor
  • Mason
  • Scaffolder

Electrical Engineering Scope of Work


  • Electrician
  • Rigger
  • Foreman
  • Scaffolder
  • Helper

Mechanical Engineering Scope of Work


  • Forman
  • Welder
  • Fabricator
  • Rigger
  • Helper
  • Fitter


3. Progress Phylum

You can also download this sheet from this sheet 1 link   sheet 2 link to help you

  • Progress Phylum sheet preparation will help you to understand that while performing certain task what are my full time resources and what resources I need partially or for any certain time period
  • This Sheet will convert required effort into weightages as shown in sheet

4. Man hour and Productivity

  • Man-hours
  • Productivity
  • Man-Hours

   It is yardstick for measurement of effort. For instance, 4 Man-hour will conclude any of the following:

  • 1 man working for 4 hours
  • 2 men working for 2 hours
  • 4 men working for 1 hour
  • Standard Man-hours

It is estimated effort per unit needed to perform a job in terms of man-hours.

  • Earned Man-hours

   It is Quantum of work executed in terms of standard man-hours.

  • Project / Budgeted Man-hours

   Total number of man-hours required to execute a project.

  • Actual Man-hours

   It is the man-hours actually utilized to Complete Project.

  • Productivity
  • Work quantum that will be performed in unit time

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5. WORK QUANTUM and Man hour

  • 1- Look into Man hour sheet that how many hours required to execute unit work quantum.
  • For Example 1 Ton Fabrication = 110 M hrs
  • 2- Work Quantum 500 Ton
  • 3- Total Required Man hours = 110*500 = 55000 M hrs

6-Convert Man hours into Working Days

  • Working Hours per day 10 Hours
  • Duration = Total Man hours/working hours per day
  • 55000/10 = 5500 Days
  • Enhance Crew from 1 Ton to 10 Ton Per day
  • It will take now 550 Days that’s also big-time window for any project t single activity
  • Make it 100 Ton Fabrication per day and get your fabrication done in 55 days
Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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