How to shade non working Time in Primavera P6 Gantt Chart

We remember what we see more than what we read. People like visual presentation of data more than numbers and tables. That’s the basic concept of Gantt Chart. Visual bars and arrows make it easier to understand the project schedule in a glance rather than the tabular activities window right next to it. It also helps planning engineers identify any errors in project plan quickly, and is a hot selling niche offered on various freelance platforms. 

Recently one of my students asked me how to distinguish between working and non working days on Gantt Chart just by looking at it instead of opening the project calendar and checking its time periods. Yes, it’s possible in Primavera P6 to shade off days in Gantt Chart but it’s not that easy to identify how to do it especially if you’ve changed calendars. That’s we post free helpful blogs and Youtube Sessions.

Planning Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Shading the non working days depends on ‘default calendar’ of your Gantt Chart. 

  • Click on the “Enterprise” and select “Calendars“
  • Select “Global” option at the top, Now, select a calendar for the project you’re working on.

The default calendar is essential to select because in mega infrastructure projects multiple calendars are being used for different activities and many a times these activities overlap in fast track projects. So, there would be a clash in this case as to which calendar to be used for shading. Shading also depends on your zoom level, if you don’t see shaded days even after selecting a default calendar then you need to zoom in on your gantt chart to days instead of months. As an extra check, do ensure if your calendar does have any off days or not.

Can we shade non work days using a “Project Calendar”?

In this case, you can create a copy of your project calendar and make it a global default calendar. There’s only one way to shade the gantt chart and that is global default calendar. So either you’d have to create a copy or select one of the global calendars. In order to turn off shading you can select 24×7 global calendar from the same calendars menu.

Final Verdict

Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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