5 Benefits of Learning Primavera P6 Right Now

In construction industry online trainings and online learning is still considered new. Old School Trainers used to prefer traditional Primavera P6 Trainings in institutes or some short webinars. However, now the trends are changing, many people are diverting towards offering online trainings and courses.

The Skills Age takes the pride in having some of the best, interactive online courses you’d ever find!

Whenever you go to a job interview they always ask you about previous relevant experience, but how you’d get one without having the job first?

In today’s age, since the mega industries which use Primavera P6 for Project Management (e.g. Oil and Gas, Power and Energy Sector, Engineering & Construction) are shifting towards technological advancements and new software, only a few companies have stepped in to online trainings and getting the benefits of e-learning.

Post pandemic, online learning along with remote jobs is emerging more and more day by day. Learning Primavera P6 online would offer you these 5 key benefits.

1. Define your own path

Already have some Primavera P6 hands on experience? Simply skip that topic and move forward to the topic which you actually want to learn. We have courses from beginner Level to Advanced Level.

Our Online Trainings let you pursue any path you like to learn what you actually need to learn. Traditional Classroom trainings follow a linear path for all students and every student is different specially when you’re a professional and your time is important too. So, you wouldn’t want to waste time on what you already know. Our Customizable online courses let you explore and learn freely so that you can utilize your time best without getting bored.

Now, you can be that smart kid in class who’s always ahead and is waiting for others to catch up his speed.

2. A Super Combo of online Course as well as live Discussion with Trainer

Everywhere else you’d see only 2 paths to follow either you join an offline training for mentor or you watch recorded videos online.


We are providing online trainings as well as live discussion with the trainers too. That is huge, that’s a great combination to get benefits of both aspects. You not only would have online lectures available to you which you can cover at your own pace but also live mentor you can discuss your queries with. Remember we talked about experience earlier? Here is where it fits in. Your trainers are experts in this field having year of experience in the industry. You’d get to discuss with them directly learning from experience and this would give you an extra edge over others since you’d know things from your mentor’s experience that your other competitor job applicants won’t be having exposure to.

3. Life time Access to Lectures

Just think for a moment – Can you become an expert in a classroom or some webinars?

May be you can even top the class but that’d be a small number of students, right? In our training you’re competing worldwide with thousands of our students, yet getting one to one guidance… That’s a perk you’d never find anywhere else.

How to schedule and monitor multi-billion dollar projects in Primavera P6?

Conventional classroom courses for Primavera P6 claim to teach you the whole project planning and management using Primavera P6 in 3 days or a week. (OMG really? Yes, most of the classroom courses do cover a lot of stuff in very short time). I know, you might be thinking “Hey isn’t that great! I’d get to learn a lot of things.” But in reality, you will forget more than you’d learn. Because there’d be too much to consume. It’s just not practical to remember it all in such a short period of time.

Wouldn’t you prefer a Primavera P6 training that you can learn from any time throughout the year?

Be it our Online Primavera P6 Training or any other online course, it’d let you revise and come back whenever you need it. So, you wouldn’t be left behind or otherwise waiting for fellows to catch up, learn it at your own pace, when you need and whatever you need from the whole course. No need to stress your brain to cover everything in a short time

4. On Demand Training

Would like to know what’s the biggest of the pros we’re offering? It’s on-demand training.

You can register for our Primavera P6 Training online course, and get started right away. It’s such a big relief over having to find a classroom training that matches with your convenient time, getting off from your work to manage time and job work etc. Only searching out for this kind of training would take weeks or months. The new trends are moving towards on-demand training and we’re providing just that.

5. Experience of a Real Time Project

Now coming to the most awaited part of this article…

Your answer to the most killing question during interview for planning engineer jobs.

Do you have experience in working on a real project?

As part of our Online Primavera P6 Training, we will give you a case study to work for graduation. In our case study, we work along with students on a real life project to get real time exposure. This way, you’d get to know how to practically do project planning and monitoring for multi billion dollar projects.

Final Words

No doubt, we prefer online training here at The Skills Age, we’re not saying that classroom trainings are not worth it. Everything has its own pros and cons. What usually online course lack in, is one to one discussion with trainer, and we’re filling that gap.

As the world is progressing, and keeping in mind the post pandemic shift in work patterns, this innovative solution we’re offering is would be the only eLearning mode in coming years. We the pioneers of this new trend setting mode of online learning, are providing you some of the best online courses here at The Skills Age in the skills age.

Want to know more about The Skills Age Online Primavera P6 Trainings? Check these links below!

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