What is Planning Engineer Job Role

  • Engineers working Planning Control department usually deal with Project Management oriented Job duties
  • Keep a record of Site Construction related Data
  • Documentation and Correspondence of Meetings
  • Collect and Verify Project Scope data
  • Prepare Project Schedule or Timeline
  • Prepare Project Duration Estimation and Critical path method
  • Project deliverables planning as per Project Contracts and Agreement
  • Project Cash flows, Material, and Procurement requirements, Resource Planning
  • Project Planning Package and Baseline
  • Project Weightages and Earned Value Management-based Reports
  • Project Recovery Plans
  • Attend Client Meetings to Present Project KPI dashboard

From small-medium to large-scale organizations, Planning engineers play a vital role to develop Team work and Business value. Project Planning Control is a universal career line and any discipline engineer can join it. For Example, Civil engineers will understand easily the Construction of Roads, Buildings, and Housing Societies

Mechanical Engineer can easily work as Planning Engineer for Projects like

  • Pipeline Projects
  • Refinery Projects
  • Fabrication Tank Projects
  • MEP Projects

Electrical Engineer’s Knowledge about Power and IT Projects is more relevant and it is very easy for them to understand the development stages of Electrical field Projects  . What I want to convey to you people here is that having basic knowledge of Your own engineering discipline is necessary but in the long run Planning Engineer deals with all of the  Engineering sectors including Civil, electrical, Mechanical etc.


Because in Construction of Building, there is not only Civil Construction scope of work but also MEP scope of work which will be deal mechanical and Electrical engineers so being planning engineer it is very important to get familiar with other engineering disciplines scope of work. Because Organizations usually hire a planning engineer to deal with all engineering disciplines. But here is a secret that will help you to understand the entire concept of Planning Engineering.

A Pro level Planning Engineer has the following 5 major skills:-

1- Project Oriented Knowledge

2-Product oriented knowledge

3-Project and Product Data Integration Software or PMIS like MS Project or Primavera-6

4-Contract Knowledge

5-Communication Skills

Project Oriented Knowledge

Project Oriented Knowledge will guide you that how the project will be detailed and broken down into different levels then assigned durations and Project sequence logic to create a Critical path method. Cost Management,Resource Management,Procurement and Risk Management will be under this tag of Project-oriented knowledge.

Product Oriented Knowledge

Product Oriented Knowledge will give us Project Standards, Specifications and Product development Phases or stages for Example

I am going to construct House so If I know For House Construction following  work logics then we can prepare the Work program easily

  • Land availability
  • Foundation
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Top roof
  • MEP work
  • Paint
  • Door

PMIS: Project Management Information Software comes at Number 3 to integrate Project and Product Data to prepare the Project


  • Schedules
  • S Curves/Cash flows
  • Material requirement Plans

Primavera6 :

This Project Management Implementation Tool offers a Variety of features to meet modern Industry demands.

Contract & Agreements:

Client is Project owner who will narrate its demands and required Project standards in written form in documents that is called Project Contract and Agreements.

Communication Skills.

Being Professional Planning Engineer You have to meet all these 5 Points and Communication skill is one of the most job securing and dominant feature for a Planning Engineer. This Skill will help Planning Engineer to Present Project status reports among stakeholders, Convey Project Bottlenecks, and guide Top Project stakeholders to take feasible decisions. Planning Engineering is the art to plan your Project keeping available conditions in mind and taking guidelines from Previous Project lessons learned.

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Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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