How to insert image inside sell in MS Excel

Recently, I was working on a project that involved a list of companies in Microsoft Excel along with corresponding logos. I needed to insert the logo of each company in the cell right to its name and fix it so that when resized the cell, the logo should adjust as well. Moreover this also needed to work with filters, so when filtered on company names, the corresponding logs should be filtered too.

You think it’s a far fetched idea in such a rapidly advancing age? No, it’s not. In fact it’s pretty easy, it’s just that you didn’t know about it yet.

You can very easily insert an image inside a cell in Microsoft Excel such that when you move, resize or filter the cells, the images also adjust accordingly. In the attached video is an example you can see the logos of some companies are put in the adjacent cells, and when the cells are filtered, the logos also get filtered with the company names.

It has various applications. This could be extremely useful if you’re working with products inventory or machinery resources in construction management and their images. By default when you upload an image in Excel, it is not linked automatically to any cell and does not move, filter, or resize when a cell changes.

In this blog, you will learn how to:

  • Insert an image Inside a Cell in Microsoft Excel.
  • Fix the image in the cell such that it moves, resizes, or filters with the cell.


Insert Picture into a Cell in Excel

Follow the steps below to insert an image inside a cell in Microsoft Excel:

  • Head to the Insert tab.
  • Select the Pictures option in the illustrations group
  • In the ‘Insert Picture’ pop up window, select the images that you want to put into a cell in Microsoft Excel and hit OK.
  • Reduce the size of the logos so that it can fit inside the cell.

Now just move the image to the cell. To make it easier press ALT key when moving the image, it’d help snap the image inside cell borders.

Now repeat the same steps and adjust all other images as in the steps above.

Another way to  resize the images is by selecting and dragging the edges with the mouse. When you’re dealing with logos, keeping aspect ratio of images is essential so you can dot it dragging the corner boxes of the image, or press SHIFT key, this would keep the aspect ratio as is.  When you put an image like steps above, you’d see that no doubt loggos are visible inside cells, but they’re still not moving, filtering or adjusting as when the cells change.

Just a few more steps and you’d see the magic happen.

Fix the Images with the Cells in Microsoft Excel

Before heading forward make sure you have followed the steps above to place images inside corresponding cells first, and then you can lock these images or logos to move, adjust or filter with cells. 

As like above here are the easy few steps to follow to lock an image inside a cell:

Right-click on the image or logo and click on Format Picture.

Now a new options bar will open for the Format Picture, click on Size & Properties and then go to size panel in Properties, click on ‘Move and size with cells’.

Wow!!! That’s It! You’ve made it.


Now you can move cells, filter it, or hide it, and the picture will also move/filter/hide.

Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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