10 benefits of learning VBA Excel Hot selling skill

Over 1.5 Billion people use Microsoft Excel worldwide daily for a range of tasks; from personal expenses to Company Revenue Dashboard, from data analysis to data visualization and then above all automation of all these tasks.

Excel Spreadsheets help in managing complex and tedious office tasks. Whether you’re a startup or a well established business, the data keeps getting bigger and bigger day by day. Subsequently, handling, processing and analyzing it becomes difficult. That’s where VBA comes in. VBA is short for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language used alongside Microsoft Excel whose knowledge is essential for professionals dealing with large amounts of data. That’s why we have designed interactive onlines courses for learning VBA Excel and Macros for everyone; from students to professionals in the corporate sector.

By learning excel macro  VBA, you can automate your hours of work on Microsoft Excel in seconds. Taking MS Excel beginner to advanced and VBA Excel training is beneficial for both professional and non-professionals. The following are benefits of learning VBA Macros for Microsoft Excel.

1. Easy and Quick to learn

VBA Macros is easy and quick to learn, as compared to other data science languages like Python and R.


It has beginner-friendly syntax which means that it does not require you to cram difficult commands like other programming languages require. That’s why it’s called the “basic”.

This is extremely beneficial for those who use Excel without programming backgrounds.

Apart from that, since Microsoft Excel records and writes code automatically for you while recording Macros, it’s much quicker to understand and program.

2. Automates repetitive and routine tasks

No doubt, the best benefit that VBA Excel has, is the ability to automate repetitive and large tasks. By using VBA Macros, you can specify a series of tasks and instructions that Excel performs together to perform a work automatically. Practically, it helps with tasks such as copying files and data from other sources, aggregating and analyzing data.

3. Simplifies the complex formulas in Excel Spreadsheets

When you’re presenting data to non-professionals, you should  hide some of the long formulas as the spreadsheets may become difficult for them to understand. By joining our course for VBA Excel, you’ll learn how to convert the formulas to VBA code and make the Excel dashboard easier to understand.

4. Reduces the turnaround time

Professionals working in the finance field or data analysis are always under pressure to submit their reports in time. It’s usually a repetitive task for them which under stressful circumstances could lead to inaccuracies. VBA Macros removes this extra burden and makes it easier to prepare reports and templates within a short period of time.

5. Accessibility to other users

When you record a Macro or write a code in VBA Excel, it automatically becomes available to everyone you share your MS Excel file with. You don’t have to share your code script or anything separately. This is specially useful for Freelancers. VBA also allows you to add user-friendly global variables that other users can modify a bit. In short, there is quick access to information from other users of the spreadsheet.

6. Protect Workbook and Formulas

In some of the Excel workbooks, you may want to hide some worksheets that contain confidential or sensitive data. You can protect your workbooks, worksheets as well as hide your formulas and restrict editing with VBA.. This way, you can enhance the privacy of your data.

7. VBA improves logical thinking

Since VBA Excel is a basic language, it doesn’t have prebuilt libraries like Python, so you have to write code from scratch. This improves your logical thinking. Rational thinking style is necessary to build effective and efficient programs specially in VBA Macros. Writing algorithms to automate tasks involves a thorough understanding of the problem. This strengthens  your thought processes.

8. Faster ROI

Automating your repetitive tasks in VBA Excel helps you reduce cost, improve efficiency and scalability. That’s why, using VBA to automate your work would have a faster return on investment effect.This could be anything like the investment of your precious time, money, or most importantly energy.

9. Increase your employability

For those who are looking for a job as Excel Expert, Automation Specialist or Data Analyst, learning VBA Excel is an in demand skill and probably one of the skills that many people lack in Excel.

10. Earn Online as a Freelancer in hot selling skill

In future, if another programming language replaces VBA, then the pain of legacy code would be simply too much. Huge numbers of existing VBA programs would need rewriting. This task would be difficult without having a grasp over the legacy VBA code. So, even in this saddening situation having VBA Excel skills would still have a lot of opportunities for you to earn a lot.

Waqas Ahmad

Waqas Ahmad


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